Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New York City

48 Hours in NYC

I flew out Friday to meet up with Corbie and Penny in New York City. Penny had class all day Saturday, so armed with my map abilities and Corbie's people skills, we hit each destination on our list and had people to take our pictures. (Except for our Subway picture, we took that one ourselves because the lady would "rather not") We joined back up with Penny at night for food and laughs. (Plenty of both I might add.) What was my favorite part? There's no way to choose, but walking through Central park, arm in arm with my best friend of 18 years would definitely be one of them!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Late New Year!

I know January is almost over, but Happy New Year anyway. I also I skipped right over Christmas, but who wants to see those pictures now? So here are some shots of my girls getting to experience snow. As for the ABBA music, it's what's been playing at our house the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Snow Day at Pine Valley

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Schools out - really?

Seriously folks this is all it takes in Washington County to shut down the school system. You can still see the curbing in my front yard for goodness sake. Here's a shot of the road in front of my house. I know, I know St. George doesn't have any snow plows, but honestly does this road look like it needs a plow? It was slush by 9:00. Of course the kids were thrilled to see the snow actually sticking to the ground and loved playing in it. Truth be told, I was just as excited as they were. Christmas time is the only time of year I miss living in Salt Lake. The snow takes me back to years that seem to belong to a different life. It reminds me of growing up, being young and feeling the true magic of Christmas. Here are some pics of Payton making her first snowman, you have to look close to see him. He's the white thing standing in front of her leg, she is so proud. Ellie and Kortney were gone with friends all day so no pics of them.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping Things Even

Having three girls, I am constantly trying to keep things fair. Even if this means completing the same insanely long and detailed baby book (the one I thought would be great for Ellie) for all my girls. By the time I finish Payton's I'll want to burn it. Truth be told I'm not even done with Kortney's yet, in my wise choice of baby books I got the one that goes to age 7. What was I thinking? Actually I can blame this one on Corbie. (There are many things in my life that I like to blame on Corbie - and she usually lets me.) So in keeping things level, after devoting an entire post to Ellie playing soccer, it is only fair I show some pictures of Kort and Payt in their dance classes. These are the best shots I could get of Kortney during her ballet class. I personally think she's a natural - her middle name isn't Grace by chance.

Payton told me no more pictures and didn't hide her disgust when I kept going. In her class they dress up as many different characters and pretty much run around the room. She loves it and cries to go to her "dancing class."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Watching Ellie Play

Here are some shots of Ellie playing soccer this fall. She may be small but she is awesome. She was the high scorer on her team, way to go #3!

Nice kick El

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by Malea. Here are the rules: you need to type 7 things about yourself that you don’t think anyone knows and then choose 7 people to tag at the end and leave their link.
Okay, so 7 things about myself that others may not know.……
1-I love a good blue pen, somewhere between fine and medium point and it has to be blue (I have been known to yell at my kids for touching my pens-something I am not proud of)
2-I am a romantic book and movie junkie – I love a good comedy, but if it doesn’t make me cry it’s not a favorite.
3- I hate to make decisions, I really hate it
4 -I love to do math
5- I have no will power when it comes to yummy food, if it’s in my pantry I will eat it. If Greg wants something he has to hide it or I will literally eat the entire box, bag or pan.
6- I love to ride horses.
7-I’m a terrible driver – there’s a one block section of 45th South in Salt Lake where I have been in three different accidents (actually only 2 were my fault.)
Now if any of you happen to look at my blog, you are it: Corbie, Cheryl, Hayley, Robyn, Summer, (Sorry, I only have five friends that haven't already been tagged. Hopefully I won't have 7 years of bad luck.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holloween 2008


Here are some shots from Halloween. Ellie was in Chicago with her cousins and I don't have any pictures yet. Hopefully some were taken. The pictures of her are from a party a couple of weeks before the big day. Kortney spent Halloween in Arizona so her pictures came via e-mail from Aunt Jamie. It was a weird Halloween without them, they will be home tomorrow and we can't wait. Payton keeps saying she needs her sisters. Five days is a long time to be without them. I'm not sure the girls feel the same.